Road to build a Desktop Application Using JAVA

Nitish Gattepalli
8 min readApr 24, 2019

A lot of people know how to code in Java programming language. Java is used to build robust and platform independent applications in many domains. This language is used for developing Android applications, web applications, desktop applications and many more. Also, it is the most preferred language to be learnt among students and professionals. Many companies require java developers for building software applications.

This article describes the procedure to build a desktop application using Java and is for those audience who have little experience in writing java programs, but haven’t built any application and are willing to build one. If you are such a person, continue reading this article and get to learn the tools and techniques for building your first desktop application using Java.

You can create desktop applications that can have great functionality, attractive designs on user interfaces, and that can store, retrieve and display data to the user from the database by using the tools and techniques mentioned in this article. Applications such as library management system, attendance management system, and billing system are a few examples which you can build after reading this article.

I have divided this article into sections that describe the tools and concepts to be used, the software platforms required and finally the procedure to build a Java desktop app.

The below-mentioned are the tools, concepts, and platforms which you will be using to build the application.


1. Core Java

2. Java Swing

3. MySQL



  1. NetBeans IDE
  2. MySQL


Follow the steps below. They describe briefly about every tool and technique required to build a desktop application and also refer the helpful links.

1. Downloading JDK

Make sure that you have JDK installed on your computer. Otherwise, you cannot run java programs and develop Java applications using NetBeans.